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Globe Pant System



We’ve revolutionized turnout pants again with our new Globe Pant System – because fit has never mattered more. Your choice of fits make these pants fit like a pair of jeans: Slim, Regular, Relaxed, and Women’s. Pants that fit you like a pair of jeans enhance your performance and comfort while ensuring your protection and safety. With the advanced design you expect from Globe, you’ll have a leg up on the job.

  • Your choice of FITS make these pants fit like a pair of jeans: Slim, Regular, Relaxed, and Women’s.
  • Your choice of CLOSURES include tunnel with half-belt, full belt with wide belt loops, escape belt with wide belt loops, or hook and dee with take-up straps.
  • INDEPENDENT STRETCH WAISTBAND provides unrestricted fit and no-gap protection with liner.
  • EXPANSION CARGO POCKETS are reinforced with KEVLAR® fabric inside.
  • REVERSE BOOT CUT is shorter in the back to avoid premature cuff wear.
  • Your choice of REINFORCEMENTS on knees and cuffs include DRAGONHIDE®, Ara-Shield®, or suede.
  • Optional SILIZONE® KNEE PADDING recommended on liner.
  • LINER ACCESS OPENING allows for easy access between the layers.
  • TRIMTRAX® THREAD PROTECTION cording lasts far longer on sewn on trim than conventional stitching.
  • DOUBLE-STITCHED SEAMS with 8-10 stitches per inch for longer service life.







      • Your choice of OPTIONS: Closures, Pockets, Holders/Clips/Straps, Suspenders, and Harnesses/Loops/Pockets.
        • IH™ READY PANTS option with your choice of Class 2 Seat Harnesses or Personal Escape Belt, initially or down the road. Harness options include:
          • Choice of SERIES 1 INTERNAL HARNESS with floating leg loops and low-profile waist buckle, SERIES 2 INTERNAL HARNESS with floating leg loops, hook and dee closure, and choice of auto-lock carabiner, or SERIES 3 INTERNAL HARNESS with floating leg loops and a hook and dee style closure.
          • PATENTED FLOATING LEG LOOP SYSTEM of harnesses is hardware free and made from KEVLAR®. Leg loops stay down out of your business except when you load the harness, pulling them up into the correct seat position to equalize the load.
          • PERSONAL ESCAPE BELT replaces standard belt closure.
          • ESP POCKET stores rope, hook, and descender with easy access for deployment.
      • Left-hand opening with angled fly for left-opening external harnesses, with optional harness loops.


        • Your choice of MATERIALS:
          • Outer Shells, Moisture Barriers, Thermal Liners, Reinforcements, and Reflective Trim.


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